Oscar Awards: Enemies of Humanity – Mark Dice

Mark Dice calls Oscars “Enemies of Humanity” and “Enemies of God”. And he is 100% correct!

Mark Dice calls people who celebrate the moral depravity glorified in the Oscars “enemies of humanity” and “enemies of God”. He cites a 2014 Tweet by President Trump calling the Oscars “Bullshit”. I haven’t heard truer words. But it gets even better..

“Usually the show is hosted by a comedian, but this year, they decided to go with Jimmy Kimmel instead” – Mark Dice 😂😂😂

Mark Dice’s videos are getting better by the year — even by the week. He is one of the most clever, witty and sarcastic commentators online. I never fail to laugh at his trolling of the morally depraved. Mark isn’t a “troll” in the regular sense of the word. He actually fires off valid point after valid point, which is WHY his videos are so humerous. However, in a world of the perpetually offended, he is considered a troll by most liberals; which, again, makes his remarks all the more hilarious.

This year the Oscars promoted paedophilia, precursory-bestiality, pro-immigration propaganda, “Dreamer” propaganda (or, as mark dice points out: lies), propaganda filled rap, Russian collusion propaganda, along side the usual rhetoric about white privilege. Jimmy Kimmel “white-shamed” superheros. Mark Dice accurately points all of this moral depravity, propaganda and, well, metal illness out. |

“Apparently it’s Racist now that Superman is always white in the movies” – Mark Dice.

“You liberals need to stop hallucinating that there’s racism around every corner” – Mark Dice

More Hilarious Quotes by Mark Dice, Regarding the 2018 Oscars

“If I had a clip-board and it contained your medical chart, I would recommend that you be held on a 72 hour psychiatric hold you lunatic” – Mark Dice

“I guess Hollywood’s just taking baby steps before they finally award an Oscar to a film for bestiality.” – Mark Dice

“This of course is why we say they are enemies of humanity, enemies of God, and we need to find a cure for their liberalism before they destroy the human race.” – Mark Dice 😂😂😂

It’s only funny because it’s true!

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