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It seems like the price of everything is constantly going up and the money we earn is standing still. Utility bills are out of control and water is no exception. Plumbing costs in Melbourne can be extremely high if you let plumbing problems persist unabated. If you have leaks and drips in your house or business, every drip is costing you money.

Before I continue, I’d just like to give a shutout to my buddies at Mr Plumber, based in Ringwood, Melbourne. If you’re in the Melbourne CBD or Eastern suburbs, give them a call. You can’t go wrong!

Get Your Plumbing problems Checked

Welcome to PromoterHost. This is just a little water awareness piece written by the founder, because I in the past I had some leaks in my house, while living in Melbourne, and if I knew how to check for leaks, I could have saved a lot of money in plumber call-out fees and also property damage. I hope that this article helps you to take your water and plumbing awareness a little bit more seriously.

Dripping taps can increase plumbing costs in Melbourne.
Every drip costs money and the drips do add up. Have you checked your home or business for drips?

How to Check Your House for Leaks

You can save the cost of having to call a plumber by doing some simple leak checks in your house. One little trick that few people know about is: Turn your water meter off, write down the number and come back in two hours to check the number. If the numbers are the same, you don’t have a leak. If the numbers are higher and you know you’ve had all your taps off, then you definitely have a leak.

Do you know where your water meter is? If not, you need to make it a priority to find out. If your house springs a leak, you need to turn of the water at the meter immediately, otherwise your could wind up with a huge repair bill.

Common Leak Sources

One sneaky little place that water likes to trickle is from toilet bowls. Sometimes the leak is only small and you have to really get down to have a look to see it leaking. If your toilet is trickling water, you should either have your cistern repaired or buy a new cistern.

Homes and businesses can also have leaks behind walls and under paths. If you suspect a leak in a hidden place, then you should call a plumber right away. If you live in Melbourne, I personally recommend Mr Plumber. Their team is available 24/7 and they have over 40 years experience. They are plumbers you can trust.

Water saving Tips

There are some real practical solutions you can do to save money on water. Some of them you can do yourself, but some of them you may need a plumber’s help. Here’s a non-exhaustive but practical list of things you can do to save money on plumbing costs in Melbourne.

  • Use water aerators. They’re little things that screw into your faucet. If your faucets have the right fittings, you can just pick some up from Bunnings. If you have old faucets, you may need to have some modern ones installed by a plumber.
  • Use water saving shower heads.
  • If you have an old toilet that doesn’t have dual flush, you can put a bottle of water inside the cistern so that it displaces the water and uses less per flush.
  • As mentioned above, do a water meter test. Turn all your taps off and see if the numbers on your water mater change within 2 hours. If they do change and you can’t find a leak, you should probably call a plumber.
  • Instant hot water systems are a great way to save water. They’re also great space savers and can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Check your garden hose fittings for leaks. Cheap fittings are renowned for leaking, which wastes water. You should purchase quality fittings in the first place to avoid this problem.


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