A Poem for my Love


Dedicated to the love of my life, Esther

Love is when you wake up and your duties are not a chore
You’re eager to please, to give your sweetheart more
Time is a valuable thing, everyone agrees
But for the love or your life, the Earth rotates — infinite degrees

Calamity, destruction, problems and woes..
Nothing really matters; in companionship, love grows!
The world fades, noise is mute
What can distract me from someone so cute?

If given the choice — a thousand options
Riches and trinkets, a world of concoctions
What would I rather do
Than to gaze on the smile of my boo?

Forget the TV – a life of illusion
A walk on the beach is a better solution
Arm in arm, smiling and walking
Ice-cream and dreams, discussing and talking

wow, what a universe, all of our own
We can build what we want, forget the phone
Tap, tap, tap, bleep, ding, dong
I’d rather see you splashing .. in a thong (hehe)

Laughing and joking, silly and crazy
What did I put in your hair? Surprise, it’s a daisy!
Life doesn’t have to make sense, we can step out
We can go with the flow, and blessings will sprout

It’s going to be OK sweetheart, our dreams will come true
We just have to remember to take time out – for me and you
Today is the day that we’ve been blessed
We can’t live for tomorrow or in yesterdays test

Life is what we make it, we’ve been given that power
You are my reason, the foundation of my tower
Travel with me to the top, and when we’ve ascended
You’ll be the star, shining and splendid.

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