Police Helps Student with Tie


Who said there are no good police? This Wisconsin police officer helps a student with his tie.

A student of Wisconsin-Stout was trying to get to school in a hurry for a presentation. When Menomonie Police Department, Officer Martin Folczyk pulled him over and was informed that the reason the student was speeding, yet went the long way was to try to get help to put on his tie from a friend. Officer Folczyk kindly asked for the tie and helped him with it, by placing the tie around his own neck.

Officer Folczyk handed the tie to the student and said. “Probably not the best knot, but it will work.” To which the student replied: “Better than what I was going to do”. “Thank you so much”, the student added. The student was let off with a verbal warning and told to slow down.

Police Helps Student with Tie – Comments

One of the thousands of acts of kindnesses that happen daily by law enforcement that go unseen and unrecognized. – NayokeHenji

That’s a friendly and helpful officer of the peace. – LaserDroid

Acts like this are contagious. Everyone watching this will hopefully do their own acts of kindness after seeing this. – The Reviews Dude

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Article written by: Leonard Wass