Posting Problems on Facebook – Don’t

I am a big fan of NOT posting all your problems and baggage all over facebook. Reasons:

First of all, there’s a difference between posting problems on facebook and having a genuine meltdown. Before I write anything further about this subject, I just want to say: If you think someone is in serious depression, or is literally having some kind of meltdown or psychological episode on facebook, contact them ‘privately’ and give them an ear to talk to. Sometimes that’s all people need. However, for everyone else..

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10 Reasons why you shouldn’t post your problems on Facebook.

Note: This is not the political correct list. This is the “keeping it real” list. Lefties and liberals might want to delve into this list from their closest safe space.

  1. Nobody cares. No, really, they don’t.
  2. Everyone has bad days and “problems”, but you don’t see them screaming a list of all their problems out in the middle of a supermarket, do you? So why do it online? Hello?
  3. It makes you look weak and simple minded.
  4. When the problem is corrected, you can easily find yourself sitting there red faced, embarrased that EVERYONE knows all about your business – and it can be hard to live down.
  5. You’ll just be giving people rocks to throw at you — and people will only gossip.
  6. Facebook is NOT the place to develop “problem-tourette” Syndrome”, where everything annoying that happens is immediately regurgitated onto facebook. People will start to question your stability.
  7. If you moan too many times, people will genuinely start to dislike you and disassociate themselves from you. Nobody wants to be around a downer. Sorry, this is the truth.
  8. The reason many people constantly have problems is because they dwell on them. Successful and happy people MOVE ON, and renew their minds with aspirations, goals and positivity. Your life, for the most part, really is a projection of what is in your heart, mind and soul. There’s a lot of truth to the saying: Life is what you make it. If you think everything is a problem, everything will definitely be a problem.
  9. Posting problems on facebook attracts more problems. It attracts people who RELATE to those problems, next thing you know, you’re surrounded by people who are crying in your ear, which becomes an even bigger problem. Just stay positive. Difficult moments and situations always pass.
  10. You never know who’s looking at your facebook profile. It could be an employer, a prospective employer, a client, or someone else you don’t necessarily want knowing all your business. Think twice before you post problems on facebook.

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Other things to try to refrain from doing, besides posting problems on facebook

There are related no-no’s, evil cousins if you wish, to posting problems on facebook. The general rule about this is: Just don’t do it. If you do one or more things on this list, you could be a troll.

  1. Posting veiled insults on facebook. ie: Indirectly referring to something someone has done, hoping they’ll see the comment and become upset.
  2. Veiled mockery. ie: Purposefully making fun of a situation, belief or position, knowing full well someone in particular will see it, in hopes that you upset them.
  3. Fly by insults. ie: You NEVER post on someones wall, click like, offer anything positive at all – but the moment you see something posted that you “feel” gives you a good opening to attack them you come in swinging. This happens a LOT on facebook!
  4. Inciting a lynch mob against someone. ie: You don’t like a post someone has made, so you go and speak privately with a dozen people, building a little flame army, and then go attack that person knowing full well your little army of trolls and naysayers will form a lynch mob around the person you’ve confronted. This is weak, and if you do this kind of thing, seek help. However, it is VERY common on facebook.
  5. Not accepting a friend request from someone who is genuinely trying to make an effort, when you’ve got your nose stuck up in the air. This is just weak. Get over yourself. Learn to forgive and forget. Note: This doesn’t apply to people stalking you; that’s a whole different thing; in which case, yeah, block them.

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Why are there so many dislikes and nasty comments? I like this skit because it’s a clever visual metaphor for both extremes in an online debate, lampooning the idiocy of both sides. Just find humor in the fact that you’ve come across or even been involved in Facebook political debates just like this, and nobody ever looks good. I know people hate the other Decoded videos and I know they’re very left-leaning, but come on, this one did a pretty good job at mocking both sides. Politics aside, can’t we all just laugh? Please, people! I know politics is a touchy and a raw personal subject, but we will never come together if we continue to take everything so goddamn seriously. Please, people! Laugh! It’s really fun, I promise. – RyanX1231

Its funny because its usually liberals who do the “all caps attack” – Notblind8

Social Justice Warriors are actually the most vicious, hateful trolls on the Internet. Yes, that means you Francesca and MTV: Marxist Television. – Mark Dice

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