Question: Have you seen a UFO?


Kerry Cassidy asks some reasonably well known UFO researchers and ufologists: “Have you seen a UFO”?

This is a compilation of interviews made prior to the official start of Project Camelot by Kerry Cassidy.

Features: Richard Dolan, Him Marrs, Stephen Bassett, Peter Robins and more..

Back in November of 2005 Kerry Cassidy had just bought a consumer grade camcorder and attended the Crash Retrieval conference in Las Vegas where she decided to do a ‘man on the street’ type short — interviewing various researchers and known ufologists on whether they themselves had ever seen a UFO.

For the record, what she found interesting is that like Peter Robbins says, in a way, they started out as objective chroniclers of ‘the story’ and ended up falling down the rabbit hole themselves. Here is a brief look at their experiences, the military’s part in all of it and where it just might be leading.

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Have you seen a UFO? – Comments

There are UFO’s all over the skies, but people just never take the time to look up. Linda23

wow, some of these people are still going. Stephen Bassett is still going strong with disclosure. Amanda

I don’t think there will ever be a “disclosure”. Disclosure will be when the UFO’s all show up at once an say: We’re here! – Donald88

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