Revenge of the Killer Roosters

These poor children are running for their lives. It’s funny to us, but being chased around by a bird that can be up to half your height is a very traumatic experience for a child.

We’ve all been chased around by roosters when we were children. Heck, most of us have been chased by a rooster as an adult. However, did you know that roosters are territorial. If you don’t kick at a rooster, throw things at it or try to chase it back, it will be less likely to want to attack you. Or, it will at least have a lot less conviction behind what ever attack it does decide to muster up. If you simply keep walking when confronted by an angry rooster, it will jump on the back of your legs a few times and lose interest when it gets no reaction.

Roster Facts

A grown-up male chicken is known as a “chicken” and a grown-up female is known as a “hen.” Roosters are bigger, normally more splendidly shaded, and have bigger brushes over their heads contrasted with hens.

Chickens can fly but since they are substantial, they can just go around 60 meters (200 ft). They have awful faculties of smell and taste, yet great hearing. They scratch and hook at the ground, searching for sustenance. Infant chicks can eat and stroll without enable not long after in the wake of incubating yet they to in any case require help keeping warm. Hens lay up to 240 eggs in a year. Chickens have been on ranches, crowing noisily, for around 5000 years!