Ronda Rousey Comeback Coming: A Prediction

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has suffered two back to back losses. She has (in her own words, quoting JK Rowling) “hit rock bottom”. There is literally nowhere for Rousey to go but UP.

Rousey’s movie deals have fallen flat on their face because movie executives have already lost interest in her. Her own mother is telling her to stop fighting. Edmond Tarverdyan was practically crying, cage-side, during the fight. To make matters worse, someone has tagged her house with graffiti.

Ronda Rousey is a sensitive soul. I was a fan of her since the beginning, but I started to lose respect for her because I realised she gets cocky and “mean” from a high position, but when she’s been knocked down a peg or two, she can’t take the heat.

The Situation with Ronda Rousey: The Making of a Comeback

Ronda has been well and truly humbled. Before her loss to Holly Holm she was being painted as a god of women’s sports; unbeatable. Quite obviously, that image and persona is shattered and Ronda will never again be held to that esteem. However, her two excruciating losses are a good thing! Let me explain..

Ronda took her loss to Holly Holm hard. She became a recluse and took far too much time off. She came back with the wrong game plan, trying, once again to prove she can stand up as well as throw an opponent down.

Ronda is still a fierce competitor. She’s still not someone you’d want to meet in a dark alley. In my humble opinion, her loss to Nunes had a LOT more to do with psychology, rather than skill (or a lack thereof).

Ronda Rousey is not Incapable of a Comeback (by any means)

Ronda Rousey has no choice left. She has been saying: “These are my last fights, I won’t be in it much longer”, etc.. but that’s before her fame and allure went crashing out the window. Now she’s back to square one and the only way she’s going to get back to those movie deals is to get back into the octagon and start winning again. And don’t worry – she CAN do it! Don’t rule her out!

Ronda is still one mean girl! If anyone says she isn’t, then (unless they were saying it ‘BEFORE’ her losses) they’re just throwing her under the buss so they can look like modern era Einstein’s, with 20/20 hindsight. I repeat: Ronda Rousey is still ONE MEAN GIRL! She can get back in the octagon and win .. WITH THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND!

Ronda Rousey Comeback Prediction

Ronda is going to get back in the gym, and basically become obsessed with vindicating herself. She is going to look DEEP inside herself, and do a lot of searching. The humility she is feeling is BURNING her inside. She is in agony; but this is what she needs right now. This is what is furling the fire for her comeback.

Ronda Rousey is going to get back into the Octagon and completely dominate woman’s MMA, once again, for another 5 years straight, with most, if not all of her wins being made in less than 60 seconds. Her mother will start to support her again. Edmond will finally be sent on his way.

Ronda is going to abandon that “ego” and stop trying to stand up (because it’s just not her thing), and she’s going to hone RIGHT down into what she’s good at — and she is going to EXCEL and become better at “what she’s good at”, like never before.

Ronda Rousey will never have that “unbeatable” persona again, but she will definitely reclaim legendary status as a formidable fighter that is a real threat to the best fighters in the world; and her losses will be put down to a bad phase/time in her career. She will be forgiven for her bad attitude, because the masses have short memories and will always praise and support a winner — no matter what their past is.

Point is: Ronda CAN and WILL rise again; however, her move career will be on hold for a few more years. She will not entertain movie deals while she gets back to business in the Octagon. Woman’s MMA is going to see a refreshed, determined, dedicated and committed Ronda Rousey. She will be feared once again.

Ronda will retire, undefeated in 2022 and go onto movies; one of which will be about her own life story.

Joe Rogan is Wrong about Ronda Rousey

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Ronda’s stand up is good enough for WWE. – Nobody

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Ronda so focused on her mean-mug she forgot to bring the fight – MrTweetyhack

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Article written by: Leonard Wass