DO IT! Says Alex Jones #DoItFightThePurge

There’s a Social Media Purge and we need to Create our Own Websites, Platforms and efforts.

Alex Jones’ channel is under attack by YouTube and the globalists. Even as I type, I am banned from being able to post to groups on facebook. I keep getting banned for making posts that contain keywords that the establishment doesn’t like: liberalism, socialist, globalist, etc.

Twitter has also been shutting down account after account over the past few weeks. YouTube has deleted countless accounts that are run by people who are not in line with the establishment narrative. Facebook is banning truth and the ability for people who promulgate truth. If this isn’t enough reason for people to wake up and start getting OFF these corporate platforms, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Alex Jones says: “DO IT!”.

The reason I am sharing this information by Alex Jones, and writing this article is because I am also standing behind Alex Jones, and I am saying DO IT, too! Create your own websites. Create your own communities. Upload your videos to other platforms besides facebook and YouTube. Create backup channels. DO IT!

I am doing what Alex Jones is insisting that we all do. I have created PromoterHost and I am building a community of like minded people who love truth and serve Christ and truth. I have corporate social media accounts. However, I use these accounts to pull people INTO PromoterHost, not the other way around. Even my “Twitter” link on PromoterHost does not go to twitter. It goes to a page that insists that people join Gab.

I have created the hashtag #DoItFightThePurge, to create awareness for Alex Jones message, that we need to become less reliant on these corporate social media companies. We just have to DO IT! Create your own websites and platforms. Use alternative social network platforms. The main thing is, do not send all your traffic, subscribers and friends to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Use them to build your OWN lists, communities, websites and efforts. So if you ever do get booted off — oh, hang on.. I mean WHEN you get booted off, you’ll still have a community and a support network to work with.

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