Seth Meyers wins Douche Bag of the Year Award, 2017 #SethMeyersDoucheBag


Seth Meyers wins the PromoterHost “Douche Bag of the Year Award” for 2017.

There’s no way you can twist it. There’s no way around it. Seth Meyers is a complete and utter douche bag, and he deserves the douche bag of the year award for 2017. Why?..

Seth Meyers Makes Fun of Jobs Leaving America

Anyone with a half a brain in their head, or even a quarter of a brain for that matter, should be all for keeping jobs in the United States. Who, in the RIGHT MIND would want to see the jobs continue to be moved into second and third world countries and regions, so that corporations can run sweat shops and charge top dollar for these products in Western countries?

WHO jokes about that!? WHO defends such actions, in any way, shape or form (even as a joke)? Seth Meyers the douche bag does. That’s why he gets the douche bag of the year award, for 2017. It’s not funny — in any way, shape or form. Jobs leaving America, causing huge unemployment is not a laughing matter!

Anyone who would joke about this, when unemployment is one of the leading factors towards the decline of the United States, causing hardship to millions of people, is a complete and utter douche bag. Anyone that can get on national TV and voice that opinion, while laughing and joking is — there’s no better word to describe such a person — A DOUCHE BAG of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

Watch Seth Meyers Making Fun the Decline of the United States (like a complete douche bag)

Domald Trump says there will be “consequences” for moving jobs out of the United States. What’s wrong with that? Only a traitor would disagree (or joke about it). Trump said that companies who sack American workers, move the industry to countries where there is cheap labour, only to import their products back into America will be “TAXED”; and why shouldn’t they be taxed? If they’re not going to pay the workers who will inevitably be buying the products, they should pay taxes which can then be utilised to create more jobs for the workers are were sacked. It’s not rocket science.

Seth Meyers Doesn’t Understand Economics, Apparently

If you can’t manufacture products in the same country that you’re selling them in, you’re a LIABILITY to that country; you’re a thief, a traitor and a leech on society, a parasite – and you deserve to be taxed! Period. The End. Anyone who genuinely understands economics (and isn’t a globalist pandering chill like Seth Meyers) will agree VEHEMENTLY with that statement.

The problem here is not that Seth Meyers doesn’t understand this concept. The problem is that he’s a liberal, lefty, globalist shill SCUM BAG! ..who is mocking hard working Americans and making jokes out of issues that are hurting Americans. This is not comedy. It’s not satire. It’s not comic relief. What Seth Meyers is doing is treacherous. He is un-American. He is a traitor. He deserves Douche Bag of the year award!

Donald Trump used the Carrier situation as a euphemism, meaning that companies will not be sacking workers, taking the jobs to cheap labour markets and importing products (ie: Like Carrier). By making this statement, the company “Carrier” was used as a euphemism.

Seth Meyer Attacks American Jobs (and calls it comedy)

Seth Meyers goes on and on mocking and making fun of Trump for wanting to bring back jobs and keep keep them in America. Donald Trump isn’t perfect. He’s frank when he speaks. He sometimes even says questionable things, like anyone in business, politics or the public eye. But to sit there and bash Trump for almost 10 minutes, citing effort after effort, where Trump is trying to keep jobs in America — and just BAGGING HIM OUT, barely taking a breath, with a big, stupid, sarcastic smile on his head, makes Seth Meyers a DOUCHE BAG!

It’s all good though, because there are lots of intelligent people on this planet. Each and every one of them see Seth Meyers for what he is: A propagandist; and a globalist pandering shill who is throwing his fellow Americans under the bus for a bit of notoriety and fame (ie: for attention). People like Seth Meyer will be remembered as: “the cause of what went wrong” (he is a distributor of apathy) when the people who love truth, freedom and integrity take the reigns back away from the masters that people like Seth Meyer are serving.

Let there be no mistake. Seth Meyers is an agent of evil. I am calling him out for the monster that he is.

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