Shawstrength Proves that Medical Science is not Exactly a Science

See, this is why I don’t have a lot of faith in doctors, medical science or even pharmaceutical companies. To watch this video and literally see his arms and legs hanging off the end of the scanner, is almost intolerable for me to witness. I’m not the smartest man on earth — far from it actually, I readily admit; but scanning a body for body fat percentage is completely pointless if the whole body is not in the scan. That’s like the dentist x-raying just your front teeth to find out if all your teeth are straight.

You can get a pretty good body fat percentage with some simple calipers, or even by water submersion. Brian would have been much better off simply using one or both of these methods. I know everything is easier in hindsight. We live and learn. Poor guy went through so much trouble and the accuracy of the report is laughable. He would have got a better result asking random people in the street.


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