Sheep Attacks Shepherd

Sheep attacks shepherd – this would be me if I were a shepherd, 100% guaranteed.

Check out this poor shepherd. She’s just trying to do her job and he gets spear bucked to the ground by a sheep; not ONCE, but TWICE!

This poor shepherd needs a holiday!

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Sheep Attacks Shepherd: Comments

And whoever took this video didn’t even try to help the person being rammed by the Ram??? That is more disturbing to me whoever you are you could have distracted the ram to lay off! – Grace Gutierrez

I wonder if that sheep has seen the latest Australia day controversial add for lamb and is retaliating against humans, is this just the beginning of a revolution like when the apes went rouge. – Tony Murphy

People nowadays, tend to take a video and share it on facebook to make them in trend, instead of helping the person who need their help on that actual time. This makes me sad. God Bless you mate! – Kate Chica Bitancur

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