Signs and Wonders – A Testimony

“UFO” Photo taken 2009

Testimony of a paranormal experiencer & the renaming of my facebook page.

If you can see this post (ie: clicked to it from facebook), you have liked the “Alien Tracking” page – which is an effort I started several years ago. The page has been renamed to “Signs and Wonders”, because there are are some big new plans for the facebook page, including a section on the PromoterHost website. The title “Signs and Wonders” is most fitting for the plans I have for the page and website section.

We live in a time where all kinds of spiritual and paranormal things are happening. These things were foretold long ago, also, in scripture. The PromoterHost website, and the facebook page: “Signs and Wonders” were built by and are maintained by myself.

I have experienced many spiritual and paranormal things since I was a child (including thousands of dreams and visions), and have even recorded many “weird” things, above my own house. I have thousands of paranormal experiences (and hundreds of interactions with extra-dimensional entities) which I could talks and write about for years and still just be getting started.

I have shied away from being too involved in these kinds of websites, videos, etc.. due to people thinking I am a loony. I might very well BE a loony, but making videos and posting my experiences all over the Internet like I used to doesn’t exactly help. I used to ‘go for gold’ and post stuff all over the Internet. I don’t do that anymore. This article is an exception, as I am just explaining what the page is for and why I built it.

I’ve been everywhere online over the past 20 years: Indigo children websites and forums, Project Camelot, Project Avalon, David Icke’s forums, Sleep Paralysis communities — I’ve had many conversations with Mary Rodwell. I’ve interviewed Stephen Bassett. I’ve hung around David Wilcock’s forums, watched Steven Greer’s free energy effort and the list goes on and on. If there’s a name in ‘these circles’, you can be sure I know who it is: Bob Dean, Duncan O’Finioan; heck, I even remember Blossom Goodchild! I’ve been in the community since day one under a whole heap of different names and handles. I admit that I used to be a little bit of a troll (which, I think, psychologically was me lashing out at people not “believing me” or mocking my genuine experiences), but I have matured. I was 20 when I started posting all that stuff. I am now 40. I have a few more brains in my head and a bit better discernment.

I’ve come to the realisation that there’s really no point posting my experiences at all, actually, because 1). There are so many other ‘nutty’ stories (and people, quite frankly), forums and communities around – if you go and try to tell your story, you just wind up competing with a mob of screaming lunatics telling far fetched and tall stories online; and no one really believes you/them anyway. 2). People in my personal life were coming across the things I had been posting — and, well.. yeah, some people think I am pretty weird. I can kind of do without that.

Long story short, I know exactly what is out there. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I don’t need any more proof. I really don’t. Believe me, I have experienced things that would put some people into an institution (“sleep paralysis”, physical attacks, spiritual attacks – you name it). Note: the quotes around “sleep paralysis” are sarcastic; because although sleep paralysis might be a true medical condition — what I’ve experienced (and what a lot of people are experiencing ) is NOT sleep paralysis! That’s all I’ll say.

Instead of running around attracting attention to myself, online (which is usually negative and undesirable attention, which I can definitely do without), I have decided to step out of the way of scrutiny and simply promote what I find online, using my discernment and judgement as a guide — I’ll be promoting things that most closely match my understanding, intuition, experiences and knowledge. To use a “new age term”, even though I can’t stand the “new age” — I’ll be promoting things that “resonate” with me.

Basically, my experiences will act as a guiding hand to what I promote from my website and facebook page. I am not interested in promoting things just to sensationalise paranormal things. Nor do I want any personal attention. I really don’t care who believes my anymore either. I’m over that. There are many videos, posts and reports that I come across online, where I find myself saying: “I believe you mate, but I know nobody else will”. Hint: Some of the people with the most drab and ordinary sounding stories are actually telling the truth. The people who are telling really “way out there’, far fetched tales, full of drama are (according to my discernment) telling fibs, to say the least.

The above photo was taken in 2009. It is the very first “UFO” photo I ever took. Before I took that photo, I was not interested in UFO’s at all. However, I was working at my computer one day and all of the sudden I got a message in my head, to go get my camera and go outside and take pictures of the sky. I know that sounds crazy; and yes, I am aware that every crazy person in the movies starts out with “voiced in their head”.

I had to pull my camera out from the bottom of a wardrobe, where it has been packed away for a year. I took the camera outside, pointed it up into the sky and took a heap of photos. I didn’t know what I was taking photos of, I just knew I had to point and click. I also knew which direction.

I came back inside and scoured through the photos after uploading them to my computer. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the photo pictured above. It is a little grainy, because the photo was blow up (digitally zoomed).

Since I took that photo, I have seen hundreds of objects, shapes, lights and weird things flying and buzzing around my house. You can see some of them on the “Signs & Wonders facebook page. I have many videos on YouTube, which are currently set to private (for various reason). It doesn’t matter where I go, I can pretty much point a camera into the sky and find something to record; even being able to see what I am recording with my eyes. I guess it’s some kind of gift.

I don’t really go outside taking pictures anymore, because with all the CGI, photo-shopped images and other nonsense, anything I take seems really “drab” by comparison. I have hundreds of photos of orbs, blobs, lights, shapes and streaks. There’s no point taking more. However, if I ever see a mother ship, I’ll be sure to snap a few pics.

I cannot end this article without stating that (due to my experiences and personal revelations) I am vehement and emphatic follower and servant of my Lord: Jesus Christ. I do not believe that anything I have seen are “aliens” (per se), but they are “extra-dimensional entities”, which can actually pose as pretty much anything: Elvis, a goblin or even a Bigfoot for that matter. HOWEVER, I am also very aware that there are earth based/manufactured technologies that are buzzing around also. I believe that the picture above is something made right here on earth. The reason I believe that (in short) is that I have a lot of memories and being “visited” at night, and I am not sure it was always “entities”, as I have often woken up physically injured and/or marked (which some pretty crazy memories/flashes); but that’s a whole different story — not something I really want to dredge up in this post. I could keep typing, but I’ll leave it at that. If you want know more about what I believe or why, fee free to ask me; I am happy to talk personally.

If you are being “visited” by anything PLEASE DO contact me; I can help! There are scores of people across the world being visited by entities and/or various earth bound agencies – and there’s a way to get rid of them out of your life — for good.

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