How I Started Wagh Barkri Masala Chai Tea

I would never have known about Wagh Bakri, Masala Chai Tea if it wasn’t for one fateful day, where I was waiting for a pizza with my dad. We were in Point Cook, Victoria. It must have been about 7 or 8 years ago now. We had ordered pizza for takeaway and went for a little walk, while we were waiting.

As a matter of fact, I just looked it up. The shop is still there: Shreeji Spices

EDIT: Actually, I just found out the have an online store. So I’ll give them a plug.

As we were walking, a car pulled up witha  crazy man and woman arguing. The man kicked the woman out of the car, and she was going DOWN HILL (ie: Crazy). Screaming like a psycho, even at people all around her.

She was standing right next to us, so I grabbed dad and ushered him into Shreeji Spices (for safety).

While we were in there, I spotted Wagh Bakri tea bags. I remember making some joke about the tea bags. I can’t remember what the joke was (I honestly can’t), but we were laughing about it for weeks. Then one day I said: “You know what? I am going to go back and get some of those tea bags and try them. They might be good!”

I did go back and purchase a box, and shared a cup of tea with dad. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tea, and to this day — almost a decade later, we still drink nothing but Wagh Bakri. We both love and highly recommend the tea.

It’s a mildly spicy black tea that contains hints of Ginger, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg and Piper Longum. That might not sound very good, but believe me — it is an exquisite taste; and the spices they do put in there are indeed only hints.

The best way to describe the taste would be like a regular black tea, with a slight vanilla taste, and a tiny touch of clove. I highly recommend Wagh Bakri to everyone. Go and buy some.