Stupid Internet Challenges

Stupid Internet Challenges are causing people serious injury, including 3rd degree burns.

People are going to the hospital with 3rd degree burns because of stupid internet challenges.

Some people are pouring hot water over themselves. Others are literally setting themselves on fire. Stupid Internet challenges are sending people to hospital. Or, if they’re not being sent to the hospital with water or fire burns, it’s because their cornea has been burned by trying to drink vodka through their eyeballs. I kid you not!

Stupid Internet Challenges – Comments

I’ve got another stupid internet challenge. It is called the I hit everyone with a hammer challenge. After I hit you in the head with a hammer for 5 minutes you nominate someone else to get hit with my hammer for 5 minutes. Only rule is you can’t nominate me – TFtusave

why,why,why,WHY! – Night Fall

I remember the first time I seen the knife game. It was in the aliens movie when I was a kid and that was way before there was Internet – Joshua Keeney

It takes a special kind of dumb ass to pour boiling water on yourself for no reason. Natural selection at it’s finest. – Kortez

Unfortunately some people on earth are stupid enough to do this kind of things. – David Furlan

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