Taylor Swift Sings for a WWII Veteran, Privately for Christmas

Taylor Swift Sings for Vetaran

How sweet is Taylor Swift? Singing for a WWII veteran, privately the day after Christmas.

A Missouri family got quite the surprise when Taylor Swift showed up at their house the day after Christmas to meet her oldest fan. 96-year-old World War II veteran, Cyrus Porter has been to two of her concerts and says listening to her music is a way to keep him connected to his more than 20 grandchildren. Swift is known to surprise her fans with personal experiences and she gave Porter’s family one of their own, a private concert right in his home.

Taylor Swift’s Fan Comments

How come you never hear about Lady Gaga, Miley Virus or Katy Scary do any of this? – Hugh Jass

A first class act for this young 96 year young man. – linda-beth cook

Even though I don’t like Taylor Swift this is completely change my mind about her. – CultureShock Anon

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