Terms of Service

PromoterHost welcomes content by contributors. However, articles are subject to review by PromoterHost before being published. PromoterHost does not guarantee that contributor articles will be published. PromoterHost also doe not guarantee that contributor writing styles, views, opinions or

If a contributors article is rejected, the contributor may be asked to revise the article. If PromoterHost determines that a contributor is not a good match for the type of content PromoterHost would like to promote, a full refund will be provided — and the contributor rights will be revoked permanently.

What Content is PromoterHost After?

PromoterHost is after content, information, opinions and highlights that are based if fact and truth. PromoterHost is overtly against globalism, leftism. PromoterHost respect the right of any nation (anywhere on the world) to hold on to it’s identity and even be proud of its identity. Articles that go against this view will certainly be rejected.

Articles should be written intelligently with proper punctuation. PromoterHost is PRO nationalist, pro Trump, pro Christian, pro patriot, pro gun, pro life and pro everything that’s good in this world.

If you are not able to write articles that are in line with the above, please do not purchase a VIP subscription.

Article Format

Articles are not to contain affiliate links or to shops or products. PromoterHost is not a link farm or a place to get SEO back-links or traffic for sales.

Contributors may NOT add links to their own blogs or articles unless the PromoterHost article is full and complete — and a bonafide article in its own right. Nor can the submitted article be a rewritten or reworded version of an article its linking to. If contributors post excerpts that simply link to their own blogs and articles, the article will surely be rejected — AND possibly VIP membership revoked.

If a contributor mentions a completely different, but related article on their own blog and website, and it fits, supports the article and makes logical sense — and isn’t simply blatant spam or abuse of these TOS or an obvious excuse for a link back, the article will be accepted.

Articles are ALLOWED to contain be follow links if AND ONLY IF the TOS are followed, strictly.

Articles may contain a link to the contributors website or blog at the bottom, under the Author’s name.

Articles must be at least 200 words.

VIP membership may be revoked by PromoterHost at any time for any reason.

A full refund will be provided for any contributor that has their membership revoked, regardless of the age of the account. Previously written articles may be allowed to remain, at the discretion and consideration of PromoterHost.

All articles submitted remain the property of PromoterHost, and no request to have them removed will be granted unless there is a logical reason; which will be at the discretion of PromoterHost.