Train Pole Dancing

Train Pole Dancing. Yeah – it’s a “thing” now. Let’s put a pole in the middle of the train carriage, they said. It will be interesting to see what people do with it, they said.

The average train commute can be “entertaining”, to say the least, even without paid entertainers or street performers. Sometimes the “entertainment” is not what one has the patience to want to have to deal with on their way to work; especially on a Monday morning. However, there’s a “new thing”, called train pole dancing. It’s livening up train commutes on the New York subway.

New York train pole dancers entertain onlookers on their morning commute.

Hip hop pole dancing entertainer on New York subway

This guy looks liek he is in slow motion; as if he has somehow mastered gravity.

Imagine seeing this train pole dancing superstar on the train going to work in the morning.

Train Pole Dancing Fails

The entertainers in the above videos are professional. Please do not try pole dancing for yourself, otherwise you could make yourself look like an idiot 🙂


This young woman gives testimony to the fact that train pole dancing is not as easy as it looks:

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