Traits of Intelligent People – Meme Debunked

Traits of Intelligent People - Meme Debunked

This four traits of intelligent people video is utterly ridiculous. I saw it as a meme on facebook, so I am taking time out of my day to discredit it on PromoterHost — as being entirely inaccurate.

This is the dumbest – and I do mean the dumbest – meme I have seen so far in 2016. Congratulations to whoever made it, for pulling the whole contents of the video from out of your rear end.

4 Traits Intelligent People Have in Common

1). People often swear because they do not have the vocabulary to articulate themselves in a more concise manner. Everybody knows that cussing is a replacement for vocabulary.

2). Intelligent people are often extremely tidy; even clinically tidy. They might also be psychopathic, but very intelligent nonetheless. Note: Not all clean people are psychos.

3). People who stay up longer are undisciplined. They often sleep half the day away. Intelligent people are able to schedule and keep their life in order; which is one of the traits of an intelligent person.

4). People who talk to themselves have serious issues. Not necessarily mental issues, but when life is stressing them out too much, some people turn inward to their own little world. Talking to one’s self can be a sure sign of losing grip on reality, or being detached. People who lose grip aren’t necessarily intelligent. Smart people can hold it together.

P.S. All a messy desk does is promote cockroaches, because if someone has a very messy desk, it usually means their car is the same — along with their bedroom and their kitchen. This comes back to not being able to structure one’s day, or to have the foresight to make time to keep one’s life maintained and in order.

Real Traits of Intelligent People

The points mentioned in this video are traits of poor discipline. Undisciplined people might be clever, but will be hindered by poor work ethic. The real traits of intelligent people are discipline, order, discernment, vision and cleanliness. These things translate into success and even admiration from other people. Not many people admire someone who hasn’t got their life together.

Traits of truly intelligent people are not based in slobbery or inconsistency. There are a lot of really clever people around who haven’t got two cents to rub together. This often comes down to a lack of discipline.

There’s a big difference between being clever and being intelligent. There are a lot of clever people lining up for social services. However, the clever AND disciplined people rarely find themselves having to hold their hand out, because they are intelligent.

This is all entirely my opinion. You are free to agree or disagree.

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