Twitter, We’re Tired of your Bullying and Censorship #TiredOfTwits

Please Follow me on Gab, not Twitter

The Twits at Twitter are blatantly censoring free speech and right-leaning opinions. They are shadow banning accounts and even deleting accounts they don’t agree with. ie: Accounts that keep it real and promulgate the actual truth. Basically, they are a draconian, globalist funded, free speech curbing, freedom hating organisation that we all need to move away from.

I even woke up this morning to find a video on YouTube about how Twitter is being sued for censorship. I’ll post the video below. However, by creating this article, I am introducing a solution to you — and I am leading by example. Hashtag: #TiredOfTwits

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The Solution to Twitter’s Censorship

Many people do not want to leave Twitter, because they feel they can reach a larger audience. This actually isn’t true because of the above mentioned shadow-banning and deleting of accounts. However, what I suggest you do is place both Twitter and Gab links/icons on your website — and then, when people click the Twitter link/icon, they’ll be taken to a page that displays the Twitter link, but insists that people follow them on Gab, for TRUE free speech content that won’t ever be curbed.

Here is PromoterHost link for Twitter.

Guys, we have to do something about this, or the Internet is going to be irreversibly monopolised by tyrants and corporate dictatorships.

Please make this page go viral.

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Twitter is Being Sued for Censorship

By the way, this lawsuit needs to be supported and shared by the entire Internet. It is probably one of the most important lawsuits in history. Website

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