UFO Attack Over Turkey – #ufoattacktoturkey

This could be my last post everyone. There is a UFO Attack over Turkey. #ufoattacktoturkey

Well, at the moment it seems like Turkey is being invaded by UFO’s. At least, that’s what’s being reported all over the Internet. There are also a heap of photos and one video where you can hear a loud explosion.

Here are 8 UFO photos being retweeted on twitter right now under the hashtag: #ufoattacktoturkey

[foogallery id=”854″]

There are heaps of reports. Joanne Steen has gone through some of them.

UFO Attack over Turkey

In the above video, Joanne Steen says: “People panic, don’t they? I mean come on now guys. You know all about project blue beam. You know they’re going to do something.”, which is a sentiment entirely shared by myself.

Joanne Steen is a real character, I have been subscribed to her on YouTube for a while. She gives a frank, off the cuff, often humerus take on things that are going on in the world. Watch the above video to see her translating Turkish tweets into English and offering her take one what’s being said.

Disclaimer: These tweets, videos and photos were just pulled straight off the Internet. If any of them are fake or a part of a hoax, it was not the intention of PromoterHost to spread disinformation. I’m just reporting the current buzz, as it is coming in.

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