UPROAR – Holly Holm ROBBED! Hit after Bell *TWICE*

Holly Holm Hit After Bell

I don’t care what anyone says. Holly Holm was completely and utterly robbed!

It’s not bad enough that Germaine de Randamie hit Holly Holm after the bell, nearly KO’ing her, once — but she hit Holly after the bell a second time! This is an absolute travesty! Not only did Holly Holm with her fight with Germaine de Randamie (she won at least the last 3 rounds, even if she didn’t start strong), but Randamie CHEATED TWICE, so that’s even MORE reason the Judges should have given it to Holly! Holly Holm was completely and utterly Robbed. Holly won that fight!

The Cheap Shot

Holly Holm Post Fight Conference Interview

Holly Holm Hit After Bell Comments

You won champ! – Jstn 8156

Gutted for you Holly. Huge respect you’re always humble no matter the outcome. Don’t be too hard on yourself and you will grow stronger for when you come back. – Nathan Corran

Holm did get robbed here. She lost her last two fights fair and square. But here, really she at he very least had a draw. That ref blew it by not taking a point, if not two from Randamie. Plus a draw would help for PPV buys. Think about it!! You have a draw for the first women’s 145 belt so you have to do a rematch!!! – Adrian Sanchez

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Article written by: Leonard Wass