Utter Hatred From Vice News | HBO Regarding Roseanne Barr

We live in a sad age where corporate media do everything they can to cut people down; especially good people that haven’t sold their souls to depravity like the left has; as their hearts are filled with utter hatred. The leftists behind the content in the video above are hate-filled, bitter, demonic, soulless gremlins that get off on pulling people that don’t want to be a part of the BORG-minded, globalist, spiritless, Godless system that’s clawing at and trying to emerge within humanity, down.

Just watch this video. Blind Freddy can see it’s a hit piece. And it’s pathetic. The pettiness starts with the title: “Roseanne Interrupted”. Quite obviously, they’re trying to set the tone and narrative regarding Roseanne as a demented and disturbed person that has lost the plot.

The first scene they show of her is of watching Trump on her laptop. This was done to signal to the brainwashed leftist BORG that would watch Vice News | HBO that she’s in the same basket as Trump; which, to the lower echelons of leftist ideology — the BORG — the masses, have been brainwashed into believing is the enemy of the United States and humanity. We are living in a real lifer Twilight Zone.

The second scene shows Roseanne with a contorted look on her face. I could keep typing for another 40 paragraphs, but the tone, narrative, light, or signalling in the video doesn’t change. It doesn’t get better. It just goes on and on, to make Roseanne out to be some sort of lost cause, which is the entire point of the video.

Roseanne is not a lost cause. She’s loved by millions of people around the world for her down to earth nature. Roseanne doesn’t mince words. She says it ow it is. Quite obviously as a comedian, she sometimes pushes the envelope. Good fer her. If people don’t like REAL people, maybe they should just stay in their safe spaces.

Instead of wasting my time pointing out how pathetic, petty, ridiculous and sad the video is, I’d rather send you to Roseanne’s YouTube channel. She’s a vibrant woman with a hilarious personality. She’s straight down the line. A smart woman. Roseanne is also in the process of quitting smoking. It’s been very interesting to listen to her talk about how she’s able to simply “switch off” the urge.

If anyone is trying to quit smoking (Roseanne calls it “you know what”, because she refuses to acknowledge the word), watch her videos! Maybe you can quit together. I am a former smoker. Roseanne has a great attitude and has been saying some very inspirational things that might help you quit too.

Visit Roseanne’s YouTube Channel

I love you Roseanne, along with mullions of other people. I’ll always stick up for you at PromoterHost. Great work with the quitting “you know what”. Keep up the great work. Don’t let the goblins keep you down. – Leonard Wass, Founder