Video Promotion and Traffic Generation Tool

Do you need a video promotion and traffic generation tool for more web traffic and larger profits?

Ok, so, for the last week I have been working TIRELESSLY on the PromoterHost video promotion and traffic generation tool. This is an effortless system that allows people to input a URL from YouTube (along with advertising of their own choice) and share it to facebook, twitter and other social media platforms, where it can be like, shared, retweeted, etc.

The price to use it will be a ridiculously low $7.00 per month. There is a 30 day full functionality free trial. There is also a $49 pay once, lifetime membership option for those who do not want to commit to $7.00 per month.

This is a VERY SIMPLE SYSTEM that ANYONE can use to promote their current facebook page, website, affiliate links or even advertising code such as Adsense or Bidvertiser.

I am going to write dozens of articles, all about how to make money with the system — or how to generate traffic/interest in your brand/product/website, which will be posted to PromoterHost’s Online Marketing Community on facebook.

I will also create tutorial videos, showing people how SIMPLE the traffic generation tool is to use. It’s early days yet, but PromoterHost’s video promotion tool and traffic generation is going to be a big hit. I have absolutely no doubt. I can envision tens of thousands of members in a very short amount of time.

So far I have written the script (in PHP), created a database for the users, added PayPal integration so that I can set up monthly subscriptions inside WordPress. It has taken me weeks to create this functionality, but it will be well worth it. Luckily I have been programming websites for 20 years and could build the entire project myself! So all bug reports, send them to me 🙂

Why did I create a Video Promotion and Traffic Generation Tool?

As previously mentioned, I have been an online marketer/SEO guy for two decades. I also love network marketing, but my experience tells me that most people really do not want to put in the appropriate effort to make an income online. I’m not just saying that — they really don’t! So, if anyone is ever going to create a “program” that people can make money or traffic from (traffic is money, but it has to be targeted traffic), it has to be made in such a way that even people with the shortest possible attention span could use it. So, taking my two decades of experience of working with people from all over the world into account, that is exactly what I have created in PromoterHost’s video promotion and traffic generation tool.

I’m not trying to demean anyone; it’s not that everyone is stupid or anything, or lazy — but there are FACTORS that prevent people from being able to take advantage of businesses that allow them to work from home. First, let me tell you that the reason people fail is not usually the “business” or the business plan itself — it is almost always the person trying to run the business. Sorry, that’s the truth.

The thing is, once you convince someone that they CAN do/use a program, and that they’re NOT being “conned”, and that they actually CAN see rewards for their efforts, all the sudden that “laziness”, apathy and short attention span disappears — and you have another entrepreneur roaring through the Internet. PromoterHost’s video promotion and traffic generation tool is going to light a fire under a lot of people. I am doubtless.

So getting back to these “factors” — why do people fail? Usually it’s because people are afraid. They’re afraid to invest money and not get it back. They’re afraid they’ll not be able to learn how to learn or run the business. They are also DEEPLY afraid of being blatantly “conned”/lied to/taken advantage of. So it’s not that people are stupid and lazy. It’s more about being afraid to take that risk; afraid to take that leap into the unknown.

So How does PromoterHost’s Traffic Generation Tool Help?

PromoterHost’s video promotion and traffic generation tool is baby easy to use. Once registered, all you have to do is go to the settings page and set what you’d like to advertise. It could be a website, a product, an affiliate link or you might just use some advertising code such as Adsense or Bidvertiser. You can even add a little article above and below each video. Then simply input any YouTube URL, hit submit and bang! You have a search engine friendly page that can easily be shared on social media such as facebook and twitter.

There are a lot of tricks and tips I will write articles on, about how to find viral videos, add them to facebook and you have an instant traffic generating machine; completely free advertising and endless traffic for all intents and purposes. What is $7.00 a month when you have a tool that can literally generate thousands of visitors to your website, product or service every day? That kind of traffic is priceless. Marketers often pay thousands of dollars per month to get that kind of traffic (in the thousands per day) and MOST of them do not even see profits. I am speaking the truth here. I am also speaking from experience.

With PromoterHost’s video promotion and traffic generation tool, all you have to do is create several pages a day and it won’t be long before your product, website or affiliate links are getting heaps of clicks. This is an EXTREMELY powerful tool, and $7.00 per month borderlines on ridiculousness.

PromoterHost’s video promotion and traffic generation tool is set to go viral. Get ready..

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